About china in map

You have to known that also OpenStreetMap circled (use dashed line) South Tibet as disputed areas, but it displays its owned by India (colored area as a part of India). It is illegal in China.
I’m very worried that one day, Cloudflare web page will be blocked by China network caused by geographical division issues. I don’t want to meet that.
My suggestion is display South Tibet as a part of China at latest for Chinese users (if it is only affects in China network, it also will be report from other nation’s network). As a Chinese, I suppose it should be a part of china. Or, just labeled it as disputed areas, nor India, nor China.
Whatever its your choice, it’s a complex political issue, so I can understand. However, maybe there is another better plan.
Sincerely :slight_smile:

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This is something that you should bring up with OpenStreetMap as they are the maps that Cloudflare is using and Cloudflare doesn’t control the maps.

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I see.
I suppose OpenStreetMap is an map data. As the root component of map, it is difficulty to change its geographical division by the voice of a country. But developers can trim it in their applications. However OpenStreetMap official website has been blocked in China (or OpenStreetMap blocked China visitor, however, I can’t visit.).
This is just a piece of sincerely advice. No one wants to get involved in political issues, but it’s right in front of us. Cloudflare could modify the map display at the application layer, choose another map or using any solution else. If Cloudflare wants to stay in the markets of both countries, they have to make a compromise solution. Or make a decision, support only one side.

Or it could be an issue to the map warpper, Mapbox.
But someone need to solve how to display disputed areas, one view with defined or undefined (recommend), or make different view in different countries.