About captcha

Hi Cloudflare Community, i have 2 questions

Few days ago i asked here about adding the captcha to protect my forum from bots attacks.i got someone to help me about that by adding the firewall rules which is

Hostname — Contain — my forum link goes here

anyway that helped me to prevent that kind of attacks.

Question 1 :
as i mentioned above im using captcha so everyone before accessing my forum should verify the captcha

  • problem is : when i post my forum link in some groups on discord/facebook
    it show under the link the cloudflare page not as it was before adding the capctha, i want to fix that

Question 2 :

that makes some problem with Google SEO so the captcha doesnt let google bot/facebook bot access my forum

is there is another way to protect the forum with the captcha also at the same time allow google SEO & Google bot & Facebook to access my forum

thanks for reading,
Have a nice day.

Your firewall rule should have an “and - known bots - off” so that known good bots don’t get hit by the FW rule. I’m 50/50 unsure about Discord being in that good bot whitelist but I do know Facebook is.

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