About cache my php page

i cache php page used cahe everything rule. https://example.com/*/*.php and when user visit the same page with multiple different string attached. https://example.com/*/*.php?query=1 , https://example.com/*/*.php?query=2 , https://example.com/*/*.php?diffrentquery=example, i see so many misses, and request pass to ma server. but i want to show the same data for every user by ignoring these. But i don’t want remove those from the url.

Hi @netak41073,

This looks like the same question as:

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this is what i am trying to achieve.

What i needed. This will ensure every request with same url but different query parameters will shown the same cached php page. So i can reduce the load on the server.

Note this also:

it’s what me need. showing same cache php page for every query strings.

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