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Hello, I’m starting, I wonder how Cloudflare manages the difference between connecting to the host for admin work on the site and the visitors they will be served by the Cloudflare? It’s automatic? Thanks for the information

Difference in terms of?

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Under wordpress with Cloudflare, I thought that the part that manages the site (xxx/wp-admin) was directed directly to the host. Outside, the hosting provider blocks the IP which is that of Cloudflare. So I wonder if the administrative part of the website is housed at Cloudflare? Or does Cloudflare redirect to the web host? the customer who connects to the site will do so automatically through the cache set up at Cloudflare. I don’t know how Cloudflare handles being connected to the administrative part of wordpress? Thank you!

That’s certainly a problem. Why would they do this?

To answer your question, if the visitor part of your WordPress site goes through Cloudflare, then the admin part will as well. It’s the same hostname, so it all gets routed the same way.

As it happened to me for other reasons (VPN) the firewall of the host goes off and I have a nice page with Captcha to unblock the firewall. I think it’s automatic, I’m going to ask them to release that IP specifically. I’m afraid Cloudflare has a lot of IPs to unlock, I guess.

The list is here:

I made a mistake, I had not configured Cloudflare so that it does not save the cache of the wordpress administration, so he loaded everything and it blocked at the level of the host, now it is restored, I followed the recommendations of the site of Cloudflare! Thank you

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