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I’ve just made a website and I don’t have access to my .htaccess so I can’t remove the .html in the url. Is there a way I can make one rule to redirect each page to the version of the url that includes to .html. example : www.rosesashumans.com/about to www.rosesashumans.com/about.html.

That won’t work, as it would have to be a wildcard and it would end up matching the .html as well.

Why don’t you have access to .htaccess? And why are your URLs incorrect?

okay that makes sense. I am using bootstrap studio to host and I can’t find a way to connect to the serve to get to the .htaccess. What do you mean that my urls are incorrect?

They’re supposed to be .html, but for a reason I don’t understand, your links are not. Why do you need to forward those URLs? Did something change, or something is misconfigured?

Basically I want to be able to tell someone to goto webite.com/about. instead of them having to type website.com/about.html. If its not possible I’m not going to worry about it. I just wanted to make it a smoother process for the end user.

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