Ability to list all registered domains via API

Hi Coudflare community + team.

We’ve been referring a lot of clients to use the cloudflare registrar and there are many cases where for asset / domain management you need to know what domains are registered where, etc.

The accounts/registrar/domains endpoint has a required field of ID where you need to pass it an id array of domain names:


(edit: forum won’t even let me link to your own docs :sigh:)

Would there be a way to make this field not require the id param and just return a full list? Is there a concern here that I might be missing in terms of having this feature?

As a workaround - we actually parsed the xhr response from the dashboard manually and parsed it - but we’d like this to be automated so we can track what and where is registered and monitor. Thank you!

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A links a link for the forum tool. But, you can now.

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@nickcub can you elaborate on your solution? I’m trying to just get a listing of the domains I’ve registered with CF and am having zero luck doing it. It shouldn’t be so hard to get a listing…