Ability to deploy the same cloudflare script to account wide instead per zone (per domain)?



Is there an option where you can point/use a single Cloudflare Worker across all domains (account-wide)? That way if you just need to update a script once and it’ll update/propagate to everything. My use case would be if you have a lot of domains housed on an account?

If it’s not possible, I hope you guys add it :slight_smile:.

My next question would be billing on sub request? If Cloudflare Worker does a sub request to another Cloudflare Worker on a different zone, does it count for another request?

Because if it counts as another request, I’m effectively doubling my request using that method:

  • one zone houses the script
  • all other just do a sub request to that script

Lastly, is about caching api inside Cloudflare Worker. If I utilize it would it still count as a request? Also, which takes precedence; the Cache Page Rule or Cloudflare Worker?


Within the same account, you can’t fetch other workers from a worker. I believe it is a protection mechanism.

Worker will always run on a set route in front of everything. A cached request counts as worker request.


How about on a different account?


I believe in this case there shouldn’t be a problem.
When you call a url you don’t know if it is a worker or not. Both accounts will pay for the execution of each worker.


It’s kinda weird, that they don’t allow calling a Cloudflare Worker of a different zone inside a Cloudflare Worker (on the same account ~ which you own). As oppose to letting you run other people’s Cloudflare Workers :pleading_face: