Ability to add Credit and Renew Domains Before They Expire


  1. Can developers add the ability to add money credit through cards in the control panel? Sometimes the credit card or debit card used may not have sufficient funds for domain to renew automatically.
    This way, the amount owed can be debited from the total credit, and this will also prevent possibly dozens of charges occurring on the credit card, that might trigger anti-fraud alerts by the bank’s card department.
  2. Introduce the ability to renew the domain name BEFORE its expiry like a lot of other registrars.
    Thank you.

This is bump. Come one no one from CF read this? surely, some one should answer. Right? I have moved two domains over, and planning to move further 40 or so. We need simpler solutions.

You can add this credit to your PayPal account and link to Cloudflare.

To minimise risk of fraud merchants should charge against a provided service, not as a way to get credit.

I previously used this system with other registrars, but it was a way to get a discount on the domains. Cloudflare domains are at wholesale discount already.

Completely missed my questions. This is not what I asked. Thank you for your effort however.