is an alias of and has traffic proxied through Cloudflare?

Hi group!

I’m trying to enter a CNAME so I can host a chatbot on my domain. The entry text shows “” is an alias of the “” and has its traffic proxied through Cloudflare?
Not sure why Cloudflare thinks this? The error message is “CNAME record with that name already exists with that host” code 81053.

My website has header code that says the source of my chatbot is on my domain rather than the home of the chatbot.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

As it says, you already have a record for that. The value might not be what you want, but you’ve definitely got a duplicate hostname. If you need additional help, post a screenshot of your DNS records here. It’s ok to black out IP addresses, but do not black out any hostnames.

Thanks sdayman,

The server for the bot is, and I dont see it in the list. Nor do I see the domain in the list of CNAMES. Here is the current view of entries. The same error occurs. I’m certainly a NOOB at this, but I’ve successfully created all of the required entries in the past.

The page header should be pointing to my domain and the bot is proxied through my site so it looks like the bot is hosted on my site. If I leave it as the default install, the the bot has the original domain showing, even when launched from my domain.


@ is shorthand for your domain name. So that would conflict with the very first entry in your picture.

Right! so, that’s clearly not the value they want me to add. Thanks sdayman, I’ll see if the bot provider can provide more details…

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