Abandoned PHP SDK

Could you please care to update your PHP SDK? 40(!) pull requests and 0 response from your team. Drop that git support task to some junior at least. Merge all those pull requests. Have some decency.


The next update it gets will likely be auto-generated from the OpenAPI schemas.

In the interim, I’m sure you can feed the schemas into an SDK generator that’ll meet your needs.

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Even if some parts of the PHP SDK are automatically generated, someone needs to take care of this repository, please. The last release was in October 2021. There are multiple issues with API changes not being present in the SDK, I just ran into such an issue lately.

If no one at Cloudflare cares, please update the Readme with a deprecation notice and leave it to the community to take care of this (even if this would be embarrassing for a company like CF, in my opinion).

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Already 42 pull requests pending. Definitely no care taken from Cloudflare side. Probably plan prices must be increased more to address this issue…

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