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Hi all

we setup a customer in Cloudflare. short time later, theyre having issues updating their website in weebly. Weebly are saying we need to remove AAAA record to resolve the issue but there is no AAAA record present.

they have supplied a link to a page you can test for specific records and when tested for AAAA records it comes up with dns servers reporting a record present.

any ideas?

  • Which domain?
  • Which issues?
  • Did they say which AAAA record?

no mention of which record

Well, IPv6 is enabled for your domain, so these are the only AAAA records which are in place, but they should not be of any problem.

thats what i thought. certainly didnt add any aaaa records. does IPv6 need to be enabled? where can i disabled it?

Even if you added IPv6 addresses, it wouldnt show as long as the entry is proxied.

You can disable it via an API call ( but, again, those records shouldnt be a problem unless your service provider has a misconfigured setup himself.

i will temporarily disable it to see if it helps the issues but suspect it wont like you say. that will give me grounds to put it back in the web developers lap

thanks for your help

I’d first clarify what the actual issue is and what they refer to. I realise that part might be already tricky with some companies, but otherwise it is just random guessing I am afraid. But, yes, disabling it might do the trick as that will stop Cloudflare from returning AAAA records and maybe Weebly wont freak out anymore :slight_smile:

I just remembered, there were such issues before

It seems Weebly’s code is broken and refuses to recognise the existence of IPv6 :wink:

the customer logs into the backend of the website in weebly and when he trys to he gets this error message saying its not setup correctly and gives him a list of things to check. he gave this to weebly support and AAAA record was their response.

new to Cloudflare. how do i access this api to disable IPv6?

that sounds exactly it. well played :slight_smile:

The link comes with an example on how to call the API URL.

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