AAAA DNS Entry not the same on DNSchecker and Cloudflare


We have a domain whose AAAA entries (on CF) are : 2001:1600:13:102:f816:3eff:fe65:5ce3
On, they are not the same. Our registrar has the same that are on DNSChecker (so do I). The main issue is that since the IPs are not the same, I cannot install an SSL certificate on it, and since this domain is a redirection to another domain, the main domain is unavailable because of it.

Any idea ?


If your domain is proxied, then your domain will resolve to Cloudflare IP addresses so traffic goes to Cloudflare first which will then make requests to your origin.

See here…

If your host needs to see their IP addresses, you will need to set the DNS records to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied”. Once the certificate is generated you can try setting back to “Proxied”, but you’ll need to go back to “DNS only” every few months when the certificate needs to be updated or you may see a Cloudflare error page when the certificate expires.

If using “DNS only”, then no Cloudflare features or protections can be applied to your site traffic.


thank you, working like a charm.

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