AAAA cloudflare-resolve-to

How to get the AAAA IPv6 record details for Hostinger DNS editor, as it got deleted inadvertently?

You’d need to ask your host.

The Cloudflare-resolve-to AAAA record is from Cloudflare and it is an IPv6 record that one can get only from Cloudflare.

Your Web host (i.e. Hostinger) would need to provide you with the IPv4/IPv6 address(es) of your origin server. I’ve not hosted with Hostinger, but if they have some sort of a control panel, you could just duplicate/recreate the DNS record(s) showing there within Cloudflare.

It isn’t. It is a naming convention used by hosting providers to point to an origin server when automating the configuration of a CNAME partner setup to point to an origin server.


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