A2Hosting and Cloudflare accout

I have created a Cloudflare account and added my website on the account before activating and redirected from A2Hosting. Listed two nameservers on my A2Hosting account and Cloudflare account are different for updating my DNS records. I have updated my DNS which shows on A2Hosting account. As agreed on A2Hosting account it was a smooth transfer and working perfectly.

However, I wish to move from Cloudflare free plan to paid plan. On the Cloudflare account my website is not verified yet, for the same I guess I have to change my DNS listed on the Cloudflare account. I am afraid to take a chance and down my website. Please give me some advice.

Make sure that your new Cloudflare DNS has all the DNS record of your current setup, and any host names involved in non-website connections (namely, email) are set to DNS-Only.

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