A2 Hosting with Cloudfare

Excuse the noob post!

I have a Shopify site that my cloudfare currently points to. Because of some customization issues, I decided to move to WooCommerce + Wordpress and have it built on a local host. Now the website is ready to be pushed to live from the local host and I am using A2 hosting to do so.

My questions is:

  1. Do I have to point my DNS settings to the A2 server? If so, what would that look like on Cloudfare’s end. What info would I put into my Cloudflare account to do so?

Your DNS records here would like the ones at A2.

Be aware that if you had your site on Shopify before, you’ll need to ask Shopify to completely remove your domain from your system so their Cloudflare settings don’t interfere with yours.

Hi @sdayman

Thanks for your response. So in essence, I would not need to add anything from an A2 perspective here in Cloudfare to point my site to the right address.

And when you say “remove your domain from your system”, do you mean asking them to purge the domain from their system? How does this work?


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