A2 Hosting VPS all of a suddent requires disabling Proxy or Developer Mode

I have searched but can’t find anyone posting about A2Hosting and Cloudflare suddenly having issues over the last week give or take.

About a week ago I discovered that sites on my A2Hosting VPS were slow and sluggish. WHM seemed sluggish as well and this actually got worse to the point that inner pages wouldn’t even load.

Attempting to do a speedtest on websites started failing in Error 522. After talking to support the first time they figured it was Cloudflare so told me to go here…being not happy I contacted them again a day or two later and after troubleshooting we discovered that if I disabled the proxy for WHM, WebMail, etc that they started working…

The next day I was in the WP Admin and discovered there were still load issues and the only way to get it to work properly was to put Cloudflare into Developer mode.

Has anyone else that hosts with A2Hosting experienced this issue recently or in the past? Any ideas what may all of a sudden be different? No changes were made on My Cloudflare side and no changes by me were made on my A2Hosting side…but seems that about a week or go someone changed something, either at A2Hosting or Cloudflare…any help or ideas is really appreciated…though I am pretty sure I’m just going to change hosting providers at this point but would really love figuring this out either way

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That never makes sense to me. If anything, it increases the number of proxied requests to the origin.

Unfortunately, all 5xx errors are due to a connection problem between Cloudflare and the origin. Without the host’s support, it’s extremely difficult to troubleshoot. They’d have to watch incoming connections to see where they’re failing.

Yeah that is what I was thinking too…it’s a shame too, I hosted with Inmotion Hosting for over 5 years and changed to A2 hosting about 5 months ago as Inmotion was leaving me out of updates etc because my account was so old…I chose A2Hosting because they boasted supporting cloudflare, an issue I also reached with Inmotion from time to time…seems it was just all hype though as I am getting the exact same response…makes one feel like they are talking to PackardBell Computer support from the 90’s sometimes…smh…I did tell them the performance/compatibility issues seemed to start right after they sent out a Server Maintenance notice…

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Just to keep updated in case others are looking for similar issues or answers…

I am getting no resolution to this issue through A2Hosting support. I have since made it so I don’t get billed and just entered the 14 day grace period. After calling their billing and letting them know I have an unresolved issue and not thinking I’m going to stay all they could say was sorry, no interest shown at attempting to fix anything or make anything right. I should have stayed with Inmotion Hosting I am thinking they at least acted as they cared…So I am in process of deciding whether I go back to InmotionHosting or I get a dedicated server from NameCheap or set up a server droplet with Digital Ocean…if anyone has suggestions I am definitely open to hearing them :grin:

I much prefer a VPS. Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr are all very good options. They’re as easy as it gets with VPSs. Digital Ocean’s tutorials are top notch.


Thanks! That is the direction I have been heavily leaning toward. I am seriously considering setting up and installing Interworx+ rather than cPanel for the better pricing structure as well…still researching the Interworx versus others such as sPanel options though

Since I only host HTTP/S on my server, I pay for RunCloud. It’s been fantastic.

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