A1 Nameserver change to cloudflare

I am trying to change my nameservers to Cloudflare, but I cannot find the usual setting with my current provider for this project. I did write support, but am still waiting for an answer after 2 days.

Is it possible to me to just put in the 2 Cloudflare nameservers as main server and secondary 1 ? I suppose they mean something different with this setting. Please see in the screenshot attached.

Also maybe I should clarify that I just want to use the free service and no complicated custom setup if possible.

Thanks, help is much appreciated!

So I’m not familiar with A1 (no biggie… thousands of registrars out there). Assuming this is a registrar what they want are the Cloudflare nameservers associated with your zone. In uh… today’s climate we call these primary and secondary nameservers instead of master/slave (and it’s honestly more accurate in Cloudflare’s case as there isn’t a master really).

So for these I guess you’d add the Cloudflare nameservers along with their IPs.

If you’re on a mac your lookup for the Ip addresses from terminal would look like this (using dane.ns.cloudflare.com as an example).

dig dane.ns.cloudflare.com A +short

dig dane.ns.cloudflare.com AAAA +short

The first set are IPv4 addresses (pick one any one) same for the second set which are IPv6.

Online you can do a similar lookup for your nameservers using a tool like: DNS Lookup Tool - DNS Tools - MxToolbox and look up A and AAA records.

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So the requirement is only the host name, hovering over the small questionmark says that it will get the IP automatically from the host name.

But to your understanding I should just put Cloudflare ns1 as the main nameserver and Cloudflare ns2 as the secondary?

Currently there’s a mail service running with this domain, so I cannot really afford to get this wrong, otherwise I would have tried it already…

Thanks for the help so far

hmm, I looked for a ticket under the account you are using here and do not see one. Do you have a ticket number? Also, you cannot open a ticket via email, you need to do that via your dash, so that may be the issue as to why I do not see a ticket.

Sorry the confusion, I meant that I wrote to the support from A1, my registrar.
I did not think that I have a claim to actually contact Cloudflare support, as I am no paying customer or have a specific issue with their product, it is more of an issue with my registrar.


Yeah, that :wink:

Honestly, it was called master/slave for ages (along with IDE) and there is no intrinsic issue, except for the language police and other wrongthink.

Though, there isn’t a primary either.

As for the other advice, you are spot on of course :slight_smile:

In that case just put in the namesevers.


Make sure in Cloudflare the DNS records you need are there, if not add them before changing the nameservers. You can also watch this on 2x speed (because I am boring at anything less):

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Thanks a lot! I will mark this as solved, hope I see it working tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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