A whole slew of SSL/DNS issues!

Hello. After a few days of going through these topics, I just cannot find any solution to my woes! I beg you, please walk me through my errors and I will be eternally grateful.

My initial problem was that even with Cloudflare my site only worked on either Google Chrome or Safari, and never both. So I tried to get lucky and kept randomly switching options, until my website broke… :frowning:

Domain: GoDaddy
DNSSEC linked with
DNS/Nameservers: Cloudflare
Linked with
Host: Adobe Portfolio

WhyNoPadlock results:

Within Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS app:

SSL: Full (Strict) Universal SSL Status RED: Certificate Deleted

Origin Certificates: 1x PEM: Generated through Cloudflare
Always Use HTTPS: off
HSTS: Disabled
Authenticated Origin Pulls: On
Minimum TLS: 1.0
Opportunistic Encryption: OFF
Onion Routing: Off
TLS 1.3: Enabled
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: Off
Disable Universal SSL: Disable Universal SSL

An update: It seems http://www.kevinpham.xyz is working PERFECTLY with an SSL loaded, but http://kevinpham.xyz is still not working… Does this narrow my issue down?

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Would it please you to know kevinpham.xyz and the www both direct me to https://www and works fine? They both point to Cloudflare IP addresses with Cloudflare TLS certificates.

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Thanks! I don’t know what I did though… just keeped switching options and stuff.

And now, I’ve found out that a company I’m trying to get hired by has blocked all .xyz domains. Here we go again!

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