A website is accesible on Edge, but not on Chrome and IE

Hİ there,

I had a small problem with my website. It was something specific with Cloudflare (Error 526: Invalid SSL certificate). Then I fixed it and the site was accessible on Edge, but not on Chrome and IE. Before having this problem, I was able to access the site on any browser.

I do not care about IE, but I would like to access it using Chrome.

Also, the site is accessible on all other devices and browsers. It does not work with my Chrome and IE.

What I tried:

I tried cleaning cache - did not work.

I tried cleaning history - did not work.

I tried uninstalling Chrome from Control Panel and install again - did not work. I still cannot reach it.

I tried uninstalling Chrome COMPLETELY (C:/Users/Appdata Local and Temp Folders etc (except .xbf, chrome-elf.dll, .browser and regedit files)) and install again - did not work.

I do not want to try formatting due to obvious reasons.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


What’s the URL? And what did you do to fix the first problem?

Standard Cloudflare configurations work with all modern browsers.

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There are options in the user cp of Cloudflare, they allow you to block on certain browsers and such, I would go through all of your current settings and make sure that everything is up-to-date with your standards and you like what you are seeing, hope I helped! :slight_smile: