A website hosted by cloudfare is scamming people

Today we received a fax from a law firm that is a known scam by searching the phone number listed on the letter. After a search of the domain listed, it does bring up a website. The website has a different phone number than the letter. The letter promises $10,950,777.00 in a life insurance policy. The scam is to get banking records so they can steal your money. After a Whois search I found they are not in Canada but Panama and the name servers point back to cloudfare. I did a search of the attorneys listed on the page and they don’t come up. I believe the website is also a scam. That no law firm exists but was created to make them look legit. How do I report these scam to the host? The site is committing a crime. I have a copy of the letter to verify the scam. Please advise.

Complaints cannot be filed via this forum. To submit an abuse report, go to cloudflare.com/abuse. The Trust and Safety team will then review the details and reply if appropriate.

Thank you.

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