A way to re-request DNS query (webmail issue)

Hi, I accidentally deleted some of items under DNS app.

I couldn’t have noticed that I made a mistake if I wasn’t notified by a colleague of mine that

company email won’t work. I’ve manually added A, MX, TXT values but I was hoping

if there is a way to automatically send DNS query to my website just like first time Cloudflare did.

P.S. how long would Cloudflare take to apply changes?

Once you’ve transferred in, Cloudflare can’t re-scan your DNS Records, but they should be what you have at your web host. Hopefully they still have valid DNS entries in your hosting account that you can check on.

You can also check the Audit Log on the Cloudflare Dashboard. It might show you what was deleted.

I took a look at audit logs from the dashboard and there I found deleted values of dns servers

Fortunately, they were exactly the same as before.

thank you @sdayman

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