A way to add pages to cache

Is there a way to add pages to cache?

Today we have an outage apparently on our end, so, I want to add our pages to Cloudflare cache so people always see our content. We are a newspaper so everyday there are new info/pages

As you can see in the attached screenshot, most pages are directly from our server instead of Cloudflare cache

I’m talking about something similar to when you send a sitemap to Google. Is an xml with our urls

Is an extra service, something in the API? If is something in the API, would be glad if point it, I will do the developing part

Cloudflare has the “Always Online” feature for this.

I have that setting ON and didn’t work in this case

Think on this:

1- Editors add information/news to the site at night (they add at least 300 every day)
2- We send news emails everyday at 6 am
3- People click on the new they want to see
4- Got redirected to our site
5- Nothing happen because Cloudflare can’t connect to our site (because outage) to retrieve the information

So, the answer is to send every information/new to Cloudflare when the editors saves them. This in fact is almost the same with Instant Articles on Facebook, I mean, we send that

With Cloudflare I was thinking on send an url via API and then Cloudflare scan it and then add to the cache

Sorry about my bad english

The problem is that every Cloudflare location around the world has its own cache, and content is only added to the cache when needed…and won’t necessarily stay in there for long.

My list of recommendations:

  1. Get better hosting.
  2. Have backup servers. If you have two IP addresses in your DNS here, both will get used until one goes down. Then just the good one will be used. Have a main server that’s always pushing updates to the secondary server.

And that’s pretty much it. Cloudflare doesn’t have a way to maintain an up to date copy of your website in case of outages. I can’t think of any other way to have a full copy of your site on standby. At best, you have a Custom Error page that includes a link to a place your visitors can go during an outage.

Yep, I understand

Dunno if this is allowed:

Everytime a editor save (new/update) a note, call some kind of Curl command, so Cloudflare visit our site and cached that content