A value not propagating

Hello friends, in advance I appreciate the help you can give me! {redacted} I made a change to the value A and it does not propagate. The domain is puraciudad.com.ar

Share a screenshot of how it is configured in Cloudflare

That value has propagated but you need to pay attention to :orange:


Thank you very much for your help. I think this should be working. In DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool it continues showing the old value

If you mean the 104 address by old value then it is perfectly right that way. Have you read the linked article?

Thank you very much for your help. Yes, I read the linked article. Maybe my level of knowledge is not enough to fully understand it but I understand that it says it takes 5 minutes. I also understand that on the website What My DNS should show that the A value of puraciudad.com.ar is

It will only show that value if it is :grey:

Actually, the thread you originally posted in contains this very link as answer


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So, if all this is correct, I do not know why my site does not work. I’ll try putting off the orange cloud.

As I said numerous times :wink: yes it is all right.

If you disable proxying (:orange:) you will lose Cloudflare’s performance and security features. If something does not work it is a different issue and you would need to go into details as to what is not working.

Your site shows


Thats not a Cloudflare issue but missing content on your webserver.

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Solved! Thank you very much

Is it possible to delete this publication so that my site’s data does not continue to be seen?

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