A timeout occurred with an Error code 524

This is still the case with the latest version 2024 February 3rd, and has not been fixed. I had set very large timeouts for php-fpm and it did not matter. It is Cloudflare. The “Advanced DB Cleaner PRO” is using jquery.min.js to request admin-ajax.php every few seconds to keep the connection alive and refresh the view, then it loads admin.php?page=advanced_db_cleaner… etc with 504 (from cloudflare though it claims it’s coming from the web server). Cloudflare is lying by showing an illustration that the problem is with the origin server. They have admitted that requests over 100seconds are cut off and not possible through cloudflare, so they should have just said that in their message instead of lying to the end user (and us admin trying to troubleshoot crappy-written wordpress plugins).