A timeout limit increase request


I’m not an Enterprise customer and can’t use the API to increate the timeout limit for my domains. My project involve multiple OpenAI requests and other time consuming operations. Could you please increase my timeout limit from default 100 seconds to 300? That’s a very important thing thing for me.

Thank you!

Unfortunately and “tips” are absolutely useless, when I need to increase it at the Cloudflare end.

You can’t. Only Enterprise can increase it. There’s no way around this.

Your options are to gray cloud (:grey:) the domain and lose Cloudflare’s protections/CDN, rework your script to run in the background, respond with some ID that can be polled for status in future requests, or otherwise make it respond quicker.

A somewhat common pattern is using a “jobs” abstraction and checking the status for competition. That is, send a request to start the “job” and respond with a Job ID, and re-check the job status by ID every few seconds, updating UI about the status of it, and then when it is finished have another endpoint to get the result of the job. You could add in cancellations, return errors, and have a lot more flexible system than just a long-running request.

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