A Suggestion to Cloudflare support

Here’s a suggestion.
There should be a one time fee for a tech support person at Cloudflare to sort out DNS issues.
I would grant access to my domain registrar, and existing hosting service and DNS records, then the support person would migrate all that was necessary to Cloudflare, check its working and let me know. I would then reset the passwords.

I run my own business and and now spending hours trying to sort out an IT issue that isnt my strength or my job and would be a piece of cake to an IT professional.

There seem to be so many posts on the community that are all pretty similar, but not identical and thats the issue - posted by people who are struggling, when someone else could solve it in 5 minutes. My email still arent coming through, everything looks as it should, and I started at 7am this morning and no further ahead at 14:15 on a Sunday and I need it to be all back up and running for monday.
Cheers, Douglas

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Fiverr is a better source of looking for IT support for your business. Cloudflare Support’s job is to make sure Cloudflare is working.

Moving a site to Cloudflare is not to be taken lightly. I remember the first time I used third party DNS and the fear of having my web host change my site’s IP address.

With that said, the Community is alive at most hours and can help you get your DNS sorted out. Or you can head over to Fiverr and have someone straighten it out for you.


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