A suggestion for auto ip update program for windows

A suggestion for auto ip update program for windows, like how no-ip works, you dl it install tell it for what domains and login etc then it automatically updates the ip if it ever changes! this is so usfull and saves so much time, has CF got this same app or can you make one or tell me how i can do this manually with a script so it will auto update ip if it needs to be updated that is? help please as this is a must have feature.


Cloudflare recommend you to use this https://dnsomatic.com/, you can browse github too there’s a lot of programs to use ddns.


No that dont help that site dont even mention cloudflair, im so confused why they wont just have a dl like no-ip does that does it!

A better way that wouldnt require any dl though is to allow bla.com instead of just allowing ipv4 address, so i could put in my domain name instead of ip this is so simple but it wont allow it, fix it come on ppl this is so obvious!

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