A strange issue in file delivery. first request stuck?

I have a video web and it works well for months until yesterday. It can deliver mp4 file from 00:00:00, but once the user requests the middle part of the mp4 it will be stuck. On the user side, the chrome dev tool said it is pending, On the server side, nginx does not stop read and delivery file at 00:00:00.

I spend a whole day finding this problem on my server. And finally clear all Cloudflare cache, rule and reset SSL, it turning back normally.

And it comes to me that it is not the first time meet this, one year ago my web using m3u8 format video, and the exact same problem occurred, the Nginx continues to deliver data, but the user is stuck in pending.
This problem seems like the server is stuck at the first request, even if the user stop receives the first request and wants a second request, the server is stuck at the previous one.

So I want to ask is there anyone meet this? And I really do not know what caused this problem?

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