A solution to the 520 Error problem!

Along with many others, I’ve been having the random 520 error problem on my website, starting last week.

Yesterday I upgraded my CloudFlare plan from “Free” to “Professional”.

The errors stopped IMMEDIATELY.

Therefore the problem is with CloudFlare’s free zone.

I make no further comment on this “solution”.

You’re not the first person to talk about this issue around here. I believe I saw two other people saying the same thing, that by switching from the free plan to the pro, the problem would be solved. In fact, one of these people said that he had done tests with several different sites that had a 520 problem, and that the error disappeared when testing in the pro.


So as part of https://community.cloudflare.com/t/random-520-errors/ we fixed an issue with origins silently ending a keepalive connection that was causing very rare 520 errors.

Thus we recommend testing again - if you still see 520s - make sure you follow the guidance in our community tip here:


So your issue is resolved?

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