A site hosted in Cloudfare is using all my YT content as their own

I wish to “file a complaint.”

A website has been using all contents from my YT channel (including channel name, videos, logo, art, YT description, (which they inserted their own website name in there), etc, and found that the said domain is hosted on Cloudflare.

I have read that we could contact the hosting company to report such a case.

I have shared the domain name in my email to you. I have contacted the owner via their contact page but have not received any reply from them.

My channel is a teeny-teeny-teeny-teeeny-teeny one and my videos are not that great but I have put hard time and effort creating them.

I also found another YT channel (a big channel with 700k sub) on their website but I only speak for myself and say that this site doesn’t have permission to use my content.

I can send supporting details to confirm my ownership of the channel.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Hoping for your kind help.

You can report this at Abuse approach - Cloudflare. The community cannot help you in this case.

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Thank you, Sandro. The email I received advised me to start a new thread and include “File a complaint” in the details. Okay. I’ll try the “abuse” link. Thank you again:)

Ah, the language, got it.

Yes, some videos can be embedded and some cannot. The issue is this site copied everythiing including logo, art, channel name and YT “About” and replaced my channel URL with their own website link, used the videos while running ads on their site.

Sandro, I used the link and filled in the form, however, the button just stayed gray even after passing Captcha. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

Make sure you have filled in all required information. Should it still not work, try a different browser or browser profile.

Okay. Thank you.

I was able to submit a form regardiing the issue.

But here’s a part of the email I received from Cloudfare: “This may be the only response you receive regarding your report. … Cloudflare is not generally a website hosting provider, and we cannot remove material from the Internet that is hosted by others.”

The registrar, where the site I am having issues with is registered, said that the site is indeed hosted on Cloudfare. But in this part of the email from Cloudfare, does this mean the site is hosted on another hosting site and is just hiding behind Cloudfare?

So how do we address things like this – when a website copies all your content including logo, name, art and even used your own YT About description and replaces your URL with theirs?

If this was a YT channel, I could report it to YT, however, they copied my content to their website and the only solution is to report it to the hosting – but Cloudfare “cannot” do anything?

Maybe someone in the community experienced something like this. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

I am afraid that’s all you can do in the context of Cloudflare. It is now up to the responsible team to make a call on your report. They will most likely forward it to the original host.

Unfortunately that’s it as far as the community is concerned. You can certainly also make use of any tools Google might offer to impose additional blocks.

Thank you, Sandro.

The owner of the site is “smart.” I think he/she knows that he can hide his site. He can just take others’ content and run ads on his/her website without any hard work:)

Yeah, I understand, that’s unfortunately not unsual for today’s Internet.

I’d also look into these options

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