A search brought me to Cloudfare as a webmaster

Hello Cloudflare Community,
kindly ask for assistance.

I have a query regarding a website and after a search, I see it seems related to your services.

If I pass the link, may I receive support?

Many thanks in advance,

It depends what your issue is - Cloudflare can’t tell you what the site owner’s settings are or amend them.

If it’s abuse related, you can report the website at https://abuse.cloudflare.com

thanks @KianNH
this is the issue: I made a review time ago on Google Maps. The mentioned site took it (copy/paste) and put in their website.
I then deleted this review from Google but now it is still appearing in the other website , so no.1 it’s outdated because the original has been deleted, no.2 the copied/pasted site one is on high rank on google search under my name, no.3. it’s not nice to take a review and copy/paste and make it undeletable, no.4 there is no clue about how to contact the webmaster.

A search of mine brought me to Cloudfare as a whois server.

Do you still suggest me to contact the abuse team?

thanks in advance,

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