'a' requires a Fully Qualified Domain Name

Had a website moved to another hosting, the registrar didn’t change.

I figured the best way for me to make Cloudflare get the new host’s data without speding two weeks reading tutorials on DNS zones is to remove the website from the dashboard and add it again, which I did.

Website is online, too early to get data in Cloudflare, but taking a DNS lookup with mxtoolbox.com throws and error and I’d like to fix it or at least make sure it’s harmless:

Invalid Input. ‘a’ requires a Fully Qualified Domain Name. ‘masinituns.com/’ is invalid…

Can someone help?

Hi @bogdan253,

The site works ok for me, are you having any issues?

I expect the checker just wants you to enter masinituns.com without the / on the end.


I was only worried that mxtoolbox throws an error and there might be a real problem somewhere, even if the website works fine for me.
But checking with other DNS scripts returns fine results, so I guess the problem is at mxtoolbox.

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