A records with or without www etc?

I am migrating to cloudflare and cloudlare imported part of existing DNS records but not all. I wonder now: Is this correct or must I add manual more A records?
My current DNS Records are


cloudflare migrated as follows and created only these 3 A records

Is this sufficient? Why did the migration tool of cloudflare not create the same records?

thanks for any help!

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When you add a zone to Cloudflare, it runs a DNS scan that goes through a dictionary of the most common DNS names and it queries the current name servers. In that process, it imports most existing DNS records. If the DNS records are unique or the domain is newly registered, the system may not detect the records and you’ll need to manually add them on the DNS tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Review the suggestions in this Community Tip and let us know if you continue to see issues after trying Quick Fix Ideas, we’re happy to help further.

If you are unsure how to add the DNS records you need, there is a community tutorial on this.


thanks for your reply. I checked the documents but did not really find the answers to my questions.
So I changed nameservers to cloudflare with the result that my website no more was reachable.
Cloudflare settings:

The ip address of the server is and remains the same before and after.
However, when I changed nameserver to cloudflarge I see that now this is the result for the server ip using https://dnschecker.org/#A/

Here should now be the 2nd screenshot, but it seems new users cannot add 2 screenshots :-(. A little bit complicated all this.

So I reverted back.

What is exactly the problem that cloudflarge points to other IP’s, which I never entered somewhere?

That is how Cloudflare works. Your users send their requests to Cloudflare and Cloudflare forwards them to your server.

That way, a) your real ip stays secret and b) you can use additional Cloudflare features like caching and firewall.


yes, this is my understanding. But why does cloudflare snet the users not to as I have configured it?
Here you can see where cloudflare sends the user to:

As I said in my previous post, Cloudflare sends the users to their own ip address and forwards the requests to you, to keep your ip secret.

If you don’t want that, you should change the records in question from proxied :norange: to dns only :ngrey:. But you are then unable to use any Cloudflare features.


ah Ok, now I understand.
But why is then my website not reachable? Since this is cloudlares own ip address it should immediately forward, no?

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You’ll have to either tell us the domain in question or at least tell us what specific error you get when you try to open your website.


OK, I reverted it back. I will try tomorrow again.
Just to make sure: In the moment your Nameservers are used and your IP appears, there should be no more a delay routing the traffic to my IP? Or there can be delay of several hours until it works?

I tried again, it does not work
here the error I get eg. on pingdom


When I set the nameserver of cloudflare, then after a while (as soon the nameserver of cloudflare are propagated), my website is no more reachable. I am using the following settings:

In pingdom I get the error “Could not find redirect location”
is there somehow I can get help without buying a 200 USD / month subscription? Dont mind to pay 20 USD e.g.

thanks for any help!


You can get help here on the community, even on the free plan!

However, we will need more information. What is your website? What error is it showing?

Perhaps you can show us a screenshot of the error page.

Anyway, we really don’t recommend exposing your IPs to the public.


thanks Wanda, in the meantime I bought a PRO-subscription, assuming I get some quality support. But the support is really bad:
1: First my ticket was closed by a robot. What is the reason to offer support when no human being is reading it? For what should I exactly pay when a robot closes my support request?
2: I reopen it. Since I cannot afford to have my site days offline until I get a support answer, I configured another domain the same way and wrote about this
3: Support is not able to read correctly, just replies again about origin domains.
However, I could then solve the website issue
4: Site is online, but mail does not work. Mails are not delivered. I write to support again
5: Ticket is again closed, because robot thinks problem is solved. I have to write again, that I expect a human person (for this I am paying USD 20/ month, no?) will answer. It is really nonsense just to close a ticket after it is updated/created.
6: 4 days later, mails still not working
7: Meanwhile I got contacted by sales whether I am interested in other plans. Most probably a client is not interested in other plans, when basic support does not work…

Cloudflare is a self-service business, so they are more like a car rental than a taxi.
Just like a car rental will not drive the car for you, Cloudflare does not make the necessary configurations for you. They just provide you with a product that you need to make use of yourself.

No. You cannot seriously expect someone to provide more than a few minutes worth of support for 20$, even if that was all you were paying for. If you want someone to configure your website and mail to work with Cloudflare, you need to hire someone for this purpose. The price for that will not be 20$, but more like a few hundred dollars, especially if you are running your own mailserver.

If you want to get free support from the community, you’ll have to describe your problem in a lot more detail than “mail does not work” and answer the questions that people ask to help you.


cloudflare is a self-sevice business as almost all services, such as for example postmark, mailchimp etc. These services offer support, often great support. Said this, it is common practice and expected that a company which offers a paid subscription also helps the user. Why this (=what is the business case)? Because in the beginning some support is needed and you can win long term customers. It is obviously not related to the USD 20.-. However, cloudflare naturally is free to offer a paid service plan and not to deliver support.

2nd point is the annoying mechanism, that a robot answers a support request (wrongly) and and then even twice closes the ticket. this is not understandable.

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