A Records using Proxy

I have few A records. Example RDP and VPN. If proxy is turned on both of those services it fails to connect. If i change the records to dns only it works fine. What would be the issue?

Update logging into mimecast with ad credentials would not work until i set the records to dns only. Please advise.

This is expected, Cloudflare only proxies HTTP/HTTPS traffic, nearly everything else requires the client connect directly to the server.

The only exception is for services covered by Spectrum, which is a paid service, and the features depend on the details of your plan.

So i have to set it to DNS only. I should be okay?

Yes, that should do it.

What about exchange A records? Autodiscover etc. Should i set those to DNS only as well? Please let me know.

Probably yes, although a lot of Exchange goes over HTTPS and might pass through Cloudflare (or it might not, Exchange uses HTTPS is unusual, but not incorrect ways and therefore is prone to finding weird limits).

But the safest bet, unless you are very sure what you are doing, would be to bypass Cloudflare for Exchange.

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