A Records shown 3 ips

How can i my domain shown three ips shown A records

This is normal when you have Cloudflare proxying a DNS record on your domain.

Historically two A and two AAAA records were used, but recently this has increased to three of each in some cases. It should make no difference whatsoever to your end users.


Could you guide us how to do in control panel

Can you describe exactly what you’re trying to do? What’s your domain, and what do you see now? If you already have a domain proxied with Cloudflare and you see two IPs, that’s absolutely fine too.

To generically create a DNS record, see the following:


My user wanted to three ips shown A records i try to add but no luck only 2 ips shown A records can you tell what exactly we need to add more

It’s not something that’s directly configurable with proxied records, outside of an enterprise contract.

The number of IPs is completely transparent to your users and is not something you should worry about.

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Ok so its not possible to do

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