"A records" pointing to the CloudFlare

I am no longer the owner of a domain registered with another domain hosting company and I recently checked the domain and find it is displaying a version of my website even though I am no longer the owner of this domain name.

I contacted the domain hosting company and they tell me “From the records I can see that the A records is pointing to the Cloudflare Inc. Only Cloudflare have the access to check with the website issue.”

So I opened an account on Cloudflare and your support dashboard has referred me to here the community support forum as I was not able to open a support ticket for this inquiry.

My first thought is that the domain is parked and the DNS records are incorrectly configured?

I look forward to progressing this issue with you.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @pw.wils,

I was able to check and I can see that the Cloudflare account registered under your email address does not have any domain/zones added to the account.

Since you are no longer the owner of the domain, you do not have control over the DNS records for that domain and you cannot perform any changes to them.

If the hosting provider company that currently owns the domain is still pointing it to your website’s IP address, you need to contact them and request them to change the records.

Also, bear in mind that changes to DNS records take some time to propagate and might not be reflected immediately.

I would need to know what is the domain in question so I could check which records are associated with the domain.

Nevertheless, you need to double check with the hosting provider and make sure that they have changed the IP address for that specific domain.

Thank you for your detailed reply.

Yes, I would appreciate it very much if you can check what records are associated with that domain so you can further guide me in the right direction in order to resolve the issue of my website being displayed.

How can I send it to you?

You can send the domain address to me via direct message if you do not want to write it here publicaly and I will perform a check for you

Please can you tell me how I can send you a direct message? I am not sure how.

@pw.wils, I double checked and I can see that the domain you placed on the message above is active and being proxied through Cloudflare.

If you run the following command on your terminal, you will see that this domain’s DNS is being managed by some Cloudflare servers.

dig **Your_Domain** ns +short

As I said before, if this domain is still pointing to your website’s IP address, you have to contact the hosting provider that currently owns the domain and ask them to change the origin IP.

We can check from our end, but we cannot perform this type of configuration changes on behalf of customers.

Thank you for your help. I will check this end.

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