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Hi there guys

First time posting here. I’ve recently migrated my websites from one host to another. I was instructed by BlueHost to change the A records IP addresses for each of my websites. Easy peasy.

When confirming with them that everything has been completed before I quit my other host, I was told that the IPs for my websites were not pointing to Bluehost on there end, they were pointing to a website called sitelock.

Can anyone share why this is the case? Is sitelock something to do with Cloudflare? Thanks guys

Please share your DNS records for better guidance

I can see that your website is hosted on Cloudflare nameservers


is hosted on Cloudflare

Hosting Provider:


Host Name:


IP Address:


101 Townsend Street San Francisco CA 94107 United States

Name Servers:

elliott.ns.cloudflare.com nelly.ns.cloudflare.com

If this is so , then there is nothing to worry

I believe that you have added many unnecessary A records that are causing a disturbance in connecting to the Bluehost servers.
To make sure that the A records are propagating correctly to the Bluehost hosting you would have to delete the other A records, don’t delete the Bluehost A records.
Let me know if it worked for you

Ok so please tell me which number to leave as is, and what to change and to what number?

If you have purchased the hosting from Bluehost then you would receive the credentials on your email address or in your Bluehost dashboard .
Make sure to enter only those values which are given by Bluehost and make sure to delete other A records.

It should take about 2-3 hours in most cases, and max about 24 hours.
Let me know if it worked for you :blush:

For starters, you have a security issue that you should fix first.

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I spoke directly with Bluehost on the phone. These were there instructions to change all the A records.

Security issue… ok will check that out. cheers

The DNS records are all right, it’s really mostly the broken security on your server that you need to address. The article has all on that.

Ok thanks. I think everything is fixed. Cheers. Show the same on your side?

Seems to look all right.

Just make sure you did change to Full Strict and you should be good to go.

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Bluehost just said they made all the sites SSL secured. Not sure what full strict means… When I now put my cursor over the lock on browsers it says ‘cloudflare secured’

As I already mentioned

Once again, switch to Full Strict and you should be good to go. Until then your site is not secure.

Ok done! Cheers for that

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