A records only IOS back button BUG While NS4 works perfectly

Configuration: Ubuntu and Nginx

Bug description:

In most if not all Safari version later than IOS 15 the following bug would occur if a website is using only A records instead of NS4.

A user clears cache then go to page A directly, Click something on page A then goes to page B, Press back button goes back to page A, And some html elements on Page A will no longer work, Including but not limited to Input Box, Select Dropdown Menu, However it works on all Android devices given how Android back button differs from recent IOS.

A bug nonetheless, To clarify what do I mean by NS4, NS4 is when a DNS zone is created on where the ubuntu server is hosted, Places like Digital Ocean or AWS, And then you go to your domain provider and enter those 4 nameservers records, On NS4, NO such IOS back button Bug would occur.

However, Some domain provider only support A records, Like Cloudflare, Where you create two records, One for the WWW, The other for the ROOT domain, And pointing those A records to the static IP address of the server, And whenever this is the case, The IOS safari back button bug would occur unless the page is refreshed once using JavaScript, But this does not feel like a fundamental solution and obviously not viable to suggest Apple to fix such barely noticeable bugs, Is there a fundamental solution to this?

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