A-Records not working

I have set up multiple a-records branching from my main domain which were all working as they should until recently now none of them work. It should be pointing to and that’s what it says under the record but it seems to be resolving to I have attached screenshots, any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you see this, that’s a Cloudflare ip which means the records are proxied.

Doesn’t appear here. Would you share more details.

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I cant attach screenshots for some reason. The links were working but now they’ve stopped. Should proxy be turned off?

Would you share the domain here for better understanding?

The domain for that is \bperfect.madcolour.com. It was working but has stopped now all of a sudden

There doesn’t seem to be any issue with CF. In fact, I see the 404 error. Check your resource.

@jack31, in addition to what @neiljay wrote, you also have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare and an invalid Origin certificate.

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How do I get a valid one?

If your traffic will always be proxied through Cloudflare, one option is to use a free Cloudflare Origin CA certificate. They are not recognized by web browsers, so they are not appropriate for hostnames that permit direct access. Cloudflare trusts them, though, which makes them ideal for proxied hostnames.


Would the origin certificate be the reson for the problem?

The 404 error indicates that your origin webserver is not finding the requested page, You will need to work that out with your webhost.

In addition to what @epic.network wrote, yes, the Origin certificate will also be a security issue. You need a certificate valid for your domain.

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