A-records not working for domain registered via Wordpress

I’ve bought zhyhamovskyi.com via Wordpress. Now I want to use Tilda as a constructor. In fact, I don’t want to use wordpress at all. As Wordpress’s DNS management is awful, I decided to use Cloudflare.

I have:

  1. Added a website to Cloudflare
  2. Changed nameservers to those Cloudflare has given. The Website is in “Active” status, so it set up successfully.
  3. Changed A-records as given here https://help.tilda.cc/tilda-dns#reg-ru, using IP given ( Now I have 2 A-records: for zhyhamovskyi.com and for www.zhyhamovskyi.com

It’s been 1 hour, but going to zhyhamovskyi.com still redirects me to https://zhyhamovskyi.wordpress.com/. Is there somebody who has faced similar issue before? What should I do?

Looks like it’s working for me:

Thanks for your response
Yeah, it works in Incognito, just figured it out. Looks like cache or smth

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