A records not updating

I’ve updated all A records for united-collision(dot)com (see image below), but it’s not fully propagating. It’s been well over 3 days.

The record resolves just fine for me. The page you see is because your webserver is not correctly configured to host your domain.


Should we also configure the DNS on our webserver?

Sorry, not the best at this.

No, you don’t need to configure DNS on your server, but you need to change the settings so that your servers responds to that domain with the page you wish to see.

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Can you please be more descriptive. I’m very sorry, just not very technical.

Thank you soo much for your help.

contact your hosting provider, not cloudflare fault

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Here’s what happens when a browser loads a website:

  1. It makes a DNS query to find out which IP address to ask for the website contents (the web server). In this case, the DNS query goes to Cloudflare, and responds with the IP address in your screenshot.
  2. It sends a request to the web server (the IP address in your A records) to fetch the actual website. As part of this request, the browser also sends along the name it asked for in the first step (e.g., ftp.example.com).

In your case, step 1 works fine, but in step 2, the server seems to be saying it doesn’t recognize that name and doesn’t know which site to send back to the browser.

You’d need to check that the IP address is correct and that the server at that address is correctly configured to handle requests for the domains you set up.


I had the incorrect domain in cpanel. Thanks for the quick help.


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