"A" records not updating everywhere

As you can see in the image below a couple of servers (mainly Europe) are not updating no matter what. I tried removing CF and re-adding it. I tried changing the records and redoing them to force an update but nothing is happening. It’s down if going through CF’s proxy, I have to pause or unproxy it so it would be up and running again.

I know it is working and resolving for most of the world but in the country we need it the most, it’s not working at all. It just times out.

Any help is appreciated!

What do you mean by not updating? Those are all Cloudflare IPs. The IPs used for your domain are not necessarily the same everywhere, and they can also change at any time.

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Most likely this user is experiencing accessibility issues in countries like Italy and Egypt. It is an ongoing issue for a large number of customers for months.

Yes they are all Cloudflare IPs. They just don’t work for all practical purposes.


Do you have caching enabled?


No, I disabled it too. It has to do with some CF IP ranges being blocked in Egypt.

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That’s the thing, they are blocked in the country where 99% of the traffic comes from. I have no idea why Cloudflare suddenly changed them into those and there is no way of asking for another IP range. Makes the whole thing unusable.

I’m having the same issue, is there any fix?

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