A Records Not Resolving

A couple of our domains, benefitsdatatrust.org and bdtrust.co are not functioning properly. We’ve added a couple of A records pointing to various IP addresses and these are not resolving. My home router points to and I cannot resolve these A records using nslookup. What is happening?

They do resolve for me, the first to different IPs, both on GoDaddy using and others. The second to Cloudflare.

We moved those domains over to cloudflare by changing the name servers on GoDaddy. Could this be an issue with that?

The second is configured to Cloudflare’s NS, the first isn’t.

Appears the domain may be expired?

Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-04-12T21:31:17Z


Without a specific example it’s impossible to say.

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Thanks that looks like our problem here. I’ll see what the deal is with this. Trying to get all domains moved over to cloudflare from GoDaddy.

Good catch!

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