A records not propagating, although NS DID, probably a configuration error?

Hi! I’m trying to connect a client’s squarespace account (heartradianceaustralia.com.au) to Cloudflare (with an externally purchased domain name, which was recently transferred from GoDaddy to VentraIP).

I’ve set up the DNS records as per SquareSpace request, and checked they’re correct - the DS and NS records have propogated, but not the A records, and I don’t know why. Plus, the A records are all mixed up (when I look them up via eg DNSChecker) - a variety of values (none of the correct).

Anyone got any clues about what I could try, or what might be misconfigured?


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The A records you see publically are Cloudflare ones.

Cloudflare is a reverse proxy so inserts itself between the user and your origin server and users connect to Cloudflare (so your site can be protected or use Cloudflare features) and then Cloudflare connects to your origin. See here for the basics…

If you want your A records to be the same as entered, set them to “DNS only” but no traffic will pass through Cloudflare for Cloudflare to act on.

Your site is giving a 404 from Squarespace so you haven’t completed the configuration of the site there. Your Cloudflare setup appears to be ok, although you may need to set the A records to “DNS only” to validate them with Squarespace (some hosts require this, I’m not sure in this case).

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