A Records Missing and Site Down

Our site was working fine less than an hour ago and now when I log in all of our DNS records are gone and our site is down. Has something happened with the service and what could cause all of our records with our account at Cloudflare to be gone?

When I say log in I mean here on our Cloudflare account.

Me too.

I am glad to hear its just not me. I hope they get it resolved soon!


I upgraded my account from free to Pro less than 24 hours ago. But this morning, all my DNS record got deleted from the DNS page. Why did this happen?

I lost my records on free version too and website is down.

This is weird!

Are you using Ezoic?

I am having the same issue. Our site is down and all of our records are gone. We do use Ezoic.

This was too surprising. I am using Cloudflare from last 2 years. For two of my websites, suddenly the DNS records got vanished. What could be a possible reason? If someone from the staff can get in touch and explain. My login details will give my details further.

Have you checked the audit log?

Yes @thedaveCA and it appears someone has deleted our records without my knowing. I am the only one who has the credentials and access to our account.

Hi Guys,

Yeah same issue, using Ezoic and all records got deleted. Any solutions found?

@thedaveCA per our AuditLog a completely different IP address compared to mine got in to our account somehow and started deleting the records or at least that is what appears from what I am reading. Is there a way to restore these deletions and track who did this?

It sounds like this is not the case (although you might want to check into the source IP — If you use a proxy or similar, consider those IPs).

At a minimum, change your Cloudflare password and rotate the API key, then recreate your DNS records.

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I’m using Ezoic too. and that happens to me too.

I’ve been using CF for a year with no problems with the service.
When my website has been down or inaccessible, I have gotten the CF error page as expected.
Today, I am getting a standard ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error in my browser. I can’t ping my domain www.politicsweb.co.za.
I can hardcode the server IP in my hosts file, and it works fine, so the server itself is up and running.
My other CF sites are running just fine too…
Any ideas?

DNS records deleted by Ezoic API access.

Ezoic appeared to be the culprit and things for us were restored and working as of now.

How did you get this fixed? My website is down too and I’m with Cloudflare and Ezoic and have had the same issue in my audit log

Delete your site from CloudFlare and readd again to recreate the DNS records and change CloudFlare APIs