A Records messed up?

Long story… I had a website hosted and domain registered with Siteground. I let the hosting lapse as I plan to create a new website when I have time. I renewed my domain registration for the year with Siteground though. I want to link my domain with an Adobe portfolio page while I gather content for the new website - just so that the domain is being used. To connect an existing domain with Adobe I need to change the A Records - it was at this point I discovered I could not do that via the Siteground portal without having hosting. Siteground help said I could transfer the nameservers to Cloudflare and then I’d have access to the deeper DNS settings.

On Cloudflare - I changed the A Records to those specified on the Adobe wizard. I got an error (on the Adobe interface) stating:
Oops! Looks like your domain settings have not yet been configured correctly with our IP address. Instructions here . (Check your DNS status here )

I then tried to register the domain with HostGator - I’m assuming this would not have effected anything as the nameservers are still Cloudflare’s.

Has everything been messed around so much that this is now doomed?! Can I reset the A Records somehow in Cloudflare?

Toggle your proxied settings temporarily two off so you can complete the verification.

Fantastic, thank you!

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