A Records error in DNS settings


I’m attempting to connect a domain purchased with Cloudflare to an Abobe portfolio website. when attempting to insert ‘@’ into the host/name it auto populates with the domain name instead. Does anyone know how I can override this?

@ is used to represent the domain name. It shouldn’t be in any hostname you are trying to enter (unless you are entering it on its own to represent the domain name). Can you show what you are being asked to enter into the Cloudflare DNS?

Hey sjr,

Yes just the IPv4 addresses for the Adobe Portfolio Platform:

Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 11.53.00

If you are just entering @ in the Cloudlfare dashboard and then it shows the domain, that is the expected behaviour of the dashboard.

When you enter those records, do they work? If not, can you show a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS and give the domain name.

Note that if the host needs to validate the records are set as they say, the records will need to be set to “DNS only” in the Cloudflare DNS.

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Set the proxy status to DNS only which seems to have fixed the connection issue.

Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated!


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