A records do not point to my Bluehost server, did I do something wrong?

Hello friends,

I add a new domain into my Cloudflare account (free), and add two A (@ and www) records that point to my Bluehost server to build a Wordpress website for my client.

These two A records are proxied, but they point to Cloudflare IP instead of Bluehost IP. However, when creating a Wordpress website in Bluehost, they need to have the domain pointed to their IP in order for it to work, otherwise Bluehost will just give me a temporary domain for my site.

If I choose DNS only for these two A records, they will point to bluehost IP successfully, but I will loose Cloudflare CDN services.

Anyone has this same issue before? I would very much appreciate if someone can let me know how I can fix it.

Many thanks,
Jeff from China.

This is correct, Cloudflare operates as a reverse proxy, receiving inbound requests and forwarding them on to your origin server.

Thank you.

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