A records aren't propagating - 4+ weeks later!

A Records for royalcreatives.live are only propagating on less than half of the world’s servers (also excluding the South African one(s) - where I stay).

It’s 4 weeks later and it’s still giving this error. My AutoSSL is not working properly on this server and it’s causing a lot of problems.

I tried removing and adding the A record a few times but it didn’t help. Should I try removing the domain and adding it back again? How should I best resolve this. Thanks in advance!

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What’s the Domain ?

Hi @user10935

It’s working fine for me in China and I have run DNS queries on dozens of countries without seeing an issue.

Can you please elaborate some more details. Which countries in particular isn’t it propagating to?

When I go to your website https://royalcreatives.live/ it 301 redirects to the /welcome/ page.

DNS Checker

Yes as @user2765 said it is resolving fine
Except South Africa :earth_africa:
Here’s the DNS Checker Link
DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

It isn’t resolving in South Africa
Here’s the Test Details

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Ok, I think I see the issue.

@user10935 can you please go to your register and make sure that any DNSSEC entries are deleted. We want to turn off DNSSEC for your domain before attempting to turn it back on again. Your domain is not currently using DNSSEC but it has entries in your registrar.


Thanks so much for this suggestion. I have just removed this from the registrar. What’s the next step?



Please confirm if you were able to delete any DNSSEC entries from your registrar, then lets wait awhile.

If you did not find anywhere on your registrars control panel to edit / modify / delete your domains DNSSEC / DS entries then let me know and I’ll provide further details.


Registrar is with NameCheap. I found the DNSSEC entry and removed it. So now I just wait? Ok. I’ll update here if it changes over the next 48 hours. Thanks again! You rock!!

Excellent! Now let’s wait about 15 minutes longer and then you can try that tool again. You should be starting to see more servers return successful results already.


Wow! Much better. It’s only some parts of Italy, Pakistan, Germany, Denmark, UK, Spain, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Texas USA, and France left but it seems to have propagated in all countries at least somewhere and in most countries everywhere. I believe this is the solution, thanks again!! Keep making an awesome difference :smiley:


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