A records aren't being respected

Help! Our domain points to Cloudflare name servers and the A record on CF says [new server IP], yet WHOIS shows [old server IP] and visitors are being sent to the old server’s IP (which isn’t active any longer). We switched servers months ago and haven’t made any DNS adjustments recently.

I don’t think WHOIS shows IP addresses.

What’s the domain?

kngcareers.com – A records should point to 64.xxx.xxx.xxx (not sure if it’s safe to post real IPs) but instead shows 104.xxx.xxx.xxx.

CORRECTION: That “old server IP” isn’t really our old server. I don’t recognize that IP address actually.

The 104. addresses are Cloudflare’s proxy servers that visitors hit instead of going directly to your web server. That’s how Cloudflare provides services. The proxy server acts as a firewall and optimizer for your site. The 104. address will rarely change, even if you change your server’s IP address behind the scenes. You say those are 64. addresses, so it’s best to keep them hidden behind Cloudflare.

I see that this domain responds, then forwards to another website. Is it working properly?

Ah! That explains it, thank you.

And… it works! Not sure what actually fixed it, but it’s redirecting as it should under the Page Rule I have set within CF.

Thank you so much for your help! I wish I knew what fixed it, but I’ll take a working website over a broken one any day. :smile:

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